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2022-01-08 Dan's Daily Bulletin

Well it's a Saturday and the Ranch is all done but the inspecting for now. Next Thursday Brandon and I will try to take down the giant county tree. I am gonna buy an 18 inch chainsaw and hope it is big enough. I'd like to get a 20 inch but I did not see any in stock at my last Lowes trip. We'll see if they get any stock in during the coming week.

With no work to do the next thing was to install the "Roo Bar" on my truck. There's lots of deer hits here and I debated various costs and types of bar. I went pretty cheap and TBH it's more cosmetic than it is any real bar. But bars with winch mounts were approaching $500-$600. This cosmetic one looks decent and it does offer a little more protection to the front.

Also today there was a car show in Live Oak so I took Brandon over this morning. As I suspected there weren't a lot of cars but there were a few unique cars I had not really seen before at other shows. I was also on the lookout for a "classic car" club in case there was a meet I could start going to. No luck on that and also as predicted there was not one British car. There was a miata with a V8 engine conversion that was cool

Anyhoo, tomorrow I am gonna continue reorganizing the tool room here at the house. It has been woefully painful to have all my tools disorganized. I think Brandon and I spent as much time trying to find tools as we did turning wrenches - LOL...

Enjoy the photos!


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