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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

To be honest any public posting is about ego. Everyone has a story to tell but it's not so clear whether it's worth spending the time to hear it, or in the case of a blog to read about it. Maybe it will be a digital landfill and some day in a hundred years relatives may find it amusing to read about being a baby boomer, growing up in the "me" generation and maybe shaking their heads at how badly behaved we could get away with.

I went overseas, to Manila, Philippines to be exact, at the very end of 1984 after 3 years working in a jet engine repair factory in Ontario, California.

There are plenty of stories to tell and I'd also like to tell them before all the witnesses and bad actors are dead and buried.

So this is the intent and I hope to post something every couple of days in a somewhat chronological fashion.

Here's a photo of me n 1983. a couple of years out of school, working for "GE Engine Services" in Ontario, California. The little girl is a relative of my first wife.

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