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Everyone has a blog...

I am a big fan of the WIX website tools and have made a couple of websites for clubs and friends. At the same time my family has tried many different private forum tools, each one having its problems. From shutting down to all of them being overly complicated. I have always been a chatty Kathy and belong to many different special interest forums. I realy like the interaction they provide. When I found that WIX has a forum tool I decided to make a go at creating a forum tool for the family that is simple. We always fall back on eMail and that's really not a good tool to post on the happenings in our lives.

So this also prompted me to add a Blog page primarily to document a long a crazy career where I lived overseas for almost 30 years. I specialized in the Asia/Pacific region and first went to Manila in 1985.  It was a different world back then and when I tell war stories most people only half believe them. I reckon I will write down some of the stories before all the witnesses are dead. If you participated in any of these stories be warned I am not likely to be changing any names to protect the innocent - LOL...

Dan Deutsch

Retired Field Support Engineer 

Commercial Aviation Engine Supplier

2020-07-18 10.44_edited.jpg

In 1977 I was recruited to some of the top colleges in the nation. The problem was how to pay for it. Dad would never disclose his financial information so I could get loans or scholarships and advised me to go to Junior College and learn a trade. "That way you'll know what you are unemployed from."

I ended up getting an Airframe and Powerplant License, worked as a mechanic for a while and then embarked on a 40 year career supporting major airlines operating engines manufactured by GE Aviation.  Along the way I picked up an Engineering Degree in night school and for a while managed over 100 field engineers. It was a hell of a ride.

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